Evolution Gaming is Expanding at a Breakneck Pace

It should come as no surprise that Evolution Gaming has the position of market leader within the realm of the live dealer casino specialists’ spectrum. During the course of 2017, the company nearly doubled the amount of money it made, a feat that can be attributed to the expansion of already-present items as well as the incorporation of new products and the creation of new ones. The numbers tell an interesting story all by themselves. The final three months of 2017 saw an increase in revenue for the company of 48 percentage points, to the startling amount of £50.7 million, compared to the same period in the previous year. Martin Carlesund, the chief executive officer of Evolution Gaming, gave an assurance to the company’s shareholders that the business will make further efforts to succeed and propel its revenue income to even higher levels. According to Carlesund, the most significant factor that led to the success of the group was the growth of the company’s already established live casino studios. In addition to the development and construction of its very first studio located outside of Europe, Evolution Gaming has also enlarged its studios in Riga and Bucharest, both of which are located in Romania. This was accomplished through a collaboration with the PlayNow.com division of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. A couple of weeks ago, the website debuted their virgin live casino to the public.


The Company Is Currently Involved in an Investment Phase Carlesund did issue a warning that there may be pressure placed on costs moving forward, due to the fact that the company is currently engaged in an investment phase. In the future, the introduction of brand-new products will almost certainly have an effect on the numbers. One of the new items is a live casino adaptation of Texas Hold’em Bonus, which is a first in the world. In addition, new iterations of the perennially popular card game baccarat are now being developed.


Innovative Products

In more recent times, Evolution has also been experimenting with the creation of what are known as First-Person Gaming (FPG) products. Players are able to participate in live versions of some of the most popular table games found in casinos. Simply from sales of this product, the company anticipates a large increase in revenue. When it comes to gaming for VIPs, Evolution Gaming is also at the forefront of the advancements being made in this area. The introduction of Salon Privé will make it possible for operators to provide their online customers with access to an exclusive VIP table. A high-limit table will be a part of the project, and the only people who will be able to play at it are those who have very big pockets. Everyday Joe’s will simply not be able to compete due to a lack of resources. The draw-card is being described as a table where distinct individuals will be able to arrange the game around themselves in a customized style that will cater to their particular gambling demands. This is because the draw-card will allow for customization of the game. It would appear that 2018 is going to be the year that would surpass even the extraordinary numbers that were produced in 2017.






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